Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)


Q: How Shipping Works?

A: Once your item is shipped, you will receive an email notification about the Shipping Date and Tracking number.

Q: How can I track my order?

A: We will send the tracking number and the link of the website where you can track the status of the order.

Q: What if I don't receive my package?

A: Usually it will take 14 days for you to receive your order. If you feel that you need to contact us, we can be contacted via the "Contact Us" page on the website. Please note that some orders can take up to 30 days for delivery


Q: Why PayPal?

A: PayPal is the safest way to purchase an item online. It is one of the safest payment gateways in the world.

Q: Can I still purchase the product even if I don't have a PayPal account?

A: Yes!  We also accept Credit Card or Debit Card. 

Q: What is PayPal Guest?

A: Guest checkout for PayPal allows the customer to pay via PayPal without signing in to an account. You can set up guest checkout for Standard or Express Checkout.

Q: Is it Safe?

A: Yes, you are covered by PayPal if you didn't receive the item since you are covered by PayPal Buyer Protection.