Our Story

Be the change you wish to see in the world

We’re committed to delivering a great experience for our customers. But CFS Scrub's Investment in Happiness is more than just a product guarantee. It’s our philosophy on business and life. We remain invested in the happiness of our team, our community, the natural environment and most importantly—each other. Our guiding principles are simple. We aim to make great products, be in great relationships and live extraordinary lives.

Our Commitment 

We strive for transparency in our products, our processes and business practices. We seek to provide visibility into our supply chain and to run our business with strong ethics and data privacy standards. We also seek to take accountability for the environmental footprint we have on this planet and communicate this to our community by sharing our vision, goals and progress— each and every step of the way.

Our Community

We aim to foster a culture where all of our people can thrive. We are also committed to helping our employees live extraordinary lives and be in great relationships. We do this by investing the time and resources towards our team members' health, happiness and growth.